At General Intelligence, our mission is to extend human potential.

We believe that with the help of machine intelligence, humanity's future will be brighter than we dare imagine. The impact of abundant, scalable intelligence will be as profound as that of electricity or the internet. While the changes it brings will be disruptive, it will remake our world in incredible ways. Creating these technologies is the most important thing we can work on, because true intelligence abundance will enable us to overcome a multitude of our most urgent and challenging problems.

Our mission makes that future possible by building technology that enables us to exceed human limitations. 

Founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs from Facebook, we're investing in fundamental research to develop new technology and techniques to push forward the state of the art in machine learning and AI. 


AI researcher
Palo Alto & London

We're looking for talented AI researchers to join our growing team. An ideal candidate will have expertise in machine learning / artificial intelligence, and reinforcement learning and recurrent neural networks in particular. In this role, you will help experiment with new techniques and applications for AI and machine learning. You'll engage with research topics and cover new domains quickly; remain up to date on progress in the industry and find ways to apply new techniques to our work. You'll need the ability to identify highly impactful projects in a complex and unexplored domain and have a strong desire to share your knowledge with colleagues. You will gain valuable experience in artificial intelligence, publish academic papers and help push forward the understanding of learning and intelligent systems.

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field

  • Experience building systems based on machine learning and/or deep learning methods

  • Experience in developing and debugging in C/C++, Java, Python, R

  • Experience with filesystems, server architectures, and distributed systems

DAta engineer
Palo Alto & London

We're looking for talented data engineers to join our growing team. Ideal candidates will have experience working with large data sets, designing, developing and maintaining large data warehouses/data lakes as well as data pipelines and ETL processes. You'll be working along side other engineers and product managers from partner teams to understand their data requirements, and will work to build and maintain data systems to meet their needs, helping to ensure that our machine learning systems have rapid, scalable access to training data sets.

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field

  • Experience in the data warehouse space, custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance.

  • Experience working with either a MapReduce or an MPP system, object-oriented programming languages, schema design and dimensional data modeling.

  • Ability in managing and communicating data warehouse plans to internal clients

Software engineer
Palo Alto & London

We're looking for talented generalist software engineers to join our growing team. Ideal candidate will have experience designing and building a variety of software systems both independently, and within larger teams. Experience developing applications such as data processing, measurement tools, classification and analysis systems will be extremely valuable. Prior experience working on machine learning systems will also be extremely helpful, although a willingness to learn new skills and expand your knowledge is even more important. 

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field

  • Experience building complex software systems with strong analytical skills

  • Experience in developing and debugging in C/C++, Java, Python or R

  • Experience working with web application development, open source operating environments, distributed/parallel computing systems, data visualisation, information retrieval.

  • Experience in statistics or mathematics a positive


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